You can tell delirium is setting in with the people who've been tasked to spend the past half-year covering the silliest primary season of all time. The reason? At the last minute, Rick Santorum is getting a bunch of press for a relatively small uptick in the polls that will eventually amount to nothing. Why is Santorum getting so much attention, if it matters so little? Well, I have a theory, and it has everything to do with a certain Google problem Santorum has. In other words, it's fun to put the word "surge" or "surging" next to Santorum. Too fun, really, because I'm beginning to see a little laziness creep in. There are many other verbs and metaphors that could really be fun when used to describe Santorum's situation. Vary it up a little, folks! With that in mind, I created a poll with some potential alternate phrases, and encourage Pandagon readers to pick their favorite. And also to suggest other verbs and metaphors for the rising Santorum we're seeing in the polls.

What phrase would you like to replace putting "Santorum" next to "surge"?

 Bubbling up from below.

 Sliding in to a solid number two.

 Frothing at the chance of a win.

 Coming up from behind to make a splash. free polls