Emboldened by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is seeking to increase the influence corporations have over funding American politics.

In a brief filed Tuesday afternoon to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the RNC is seeking to overturn a 1908 law banning corporations from directly giving money to candidates, calling it unconstitutional.

"The complete ban both is over-inclusive to this aim and artificially disadvantages political party and candidate committees," they wrote. "It is over-inclusive because it bans all corporate donations without regard to the ability of corporate donors to attribute their donations to individuals."

The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling of 2010 continues to have a huge impact on the American electoral process, allowing corporations to spend unlimited money without disclosure in political campaigns through Super PAC groups.

The RNC’s push to allow direct corporate contributions to individual campaigns would only serve to deepen the already-large influence corporations current have in elections.