Still needing advice on how to spend his inherited super PAC money, Jon Stewart called on the services of one Stephen Colbert Tuesday evening.

With Federal Election Commission rules not allowing Colbert to coordinate ads with Stewart, both comedians came up with a unique solution to avoid any law breaking.

Stewart placed Colbert inside a cardboard TV and pretended he was watching an episode of The Colbert Report.

“I am calling on the super PAC, I cannot coordinate with them," Colbert said. "I cannot communicate directly. I am calling on them not to run vicious character assassination ads that impugn and borderline slander any candidate if in any way those ads could be traced back to me.”

And just to make certain their unorthodox actions were legal, Stewart and Colbert called called on their lawyer to verify that they weren't doing anything illegal.

"Well Stephen, it has been great not coordinating with you," Stewart said.

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on January 17, 2012.