The infamous Wikileaks truck that has been a presence at Occupy Wall Street since last fall has now been put up for sale on eBay .

The "Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit" -- actually a repainted U-Haul truck that has no official connection with Wikileaks -- is instantly recognizable for its Wikileaks emblem and appeal to "release Bradley Manning" on the back. It has been seen in both New York and Washington, DC and briefly became a cause celebre in November when the New York police hauled it off to an undisclosed location and appeared to have lost it.

"Do you wish more people noticed you driving? Including the CIA and FBI?" the eBay come-on asks. "Are you an art collector specializing in Occupy Wall Street masterpieces? Do you need a place to live or to store file boxes full classified documents? If so, then we have the perfect vehicle for you. Come on down to WikiLeaks Pre-Owned Auto Sales and take it for a spin."

It goes on to explain, "This is the world's first WikiLeaks Truck, created by artist Clark Stoeckley. Clark's New Year's resolution is to expand the WikiLeaks Truck project and make a fleet around the world. To afford to do so, he must sell the original truck. This is not the end of this conceptual art piece, rather it is merely just the beginning."

The description admits to a few problems with the vehicle, such as non-working air conditioning, but it boats of such extras as a "Satellite Dish - 4 Dummy Security Cameras - Patriotic Bunting - Couch - Toy Piano - and possibly tracking bugs installed by the government."

The truck even has its own Twitter account, which is currently devoted largely to attempting to drum up bids. So far, there have been only two potential buyers, and the current price to top is $7600. Bidding ends at midnight on Monday.

Photo by pameladrew212 from Flickr