A 46-year-old woman in Mountain View, California has been accused of biting two children in a local bookstore.

Police arrested Polly Beltramo Thursday on charges of felony child abuse after being positively identified by the children's mother.

The mother told Mountain View Patch that she had gone into Bookbuyers bookstore to use some of her store credit.

"I started screaming and then she started screaming," the mother recalled. "It was the closest I ever came to fainting. I'm horrified and don't think I can ever go back in there."

Hotranatha Ajaya, who owns the bookstore, said she didn't see the crime take place.

"Some other woman came up to the lady's little girl and then the girl started running to her mother saying, 'That lady bit me,' and she had a big welt or something on her cheek," Ajaya explained to KGO.

As the mother was tending to her daughter's wound, the perpetrator struck again.

"Suddenly the little boy, who's just a couple months old, started screaming and they went to him and his cheek was bleeding," Ajaya said.

Police said that Beltramo was later found at a coffee shop after fleeing the store.

Watch this video from KGO, broadcast Jan. 12, 2011.