Julia Helene didn't know that she had been the victim of a crime... until pictures of it were posted on Facebook under a fake profile created in her name. Helene told police in September 2010 that another friend showed her the pictures, and they eventually arrested Reid Jones, a chef from Marblehead, Massachusetts. But it wasn't until almost a year after his arrest that he was charged with raping Helene, charges that police and prosecutors say were spurred by further evidence they uncovered in the course of investigating the identity theft and photographing an unsuspecting person. He is still free on bail -- and still on Facebook, where he reportedly posted joking references to fleeing to France to avoid prosecution last fall.

Helene says she believes that Jones drugged her in order to photograph and rape her, posting the pictures in order to embarrass and humiliate her after she told him they could no longer be friends because of his rude and jealous behavior. It took Facebook more than a month to remove the offending profile and pictures, she says, and she would like to see them institute a filtering policy for photographs posted to the site and to change their policies about removing fake profiles.

Watch the video, first aired on Fox News on February 16, 2012, below:

[Ed. note: Raw Story does not identify victims of sexual assault unless they choose to identify themselves, as the woman in this case did.]