Authorities in Florida know Jason Daniel Wayo as the "South Gate Burglar," but they could start calling him the "Underpants Burglar" after his arrest over the weekend.

On Saturday, Fox 13 cameras caught Wayo, 34, as he was handcuffed and marched out of a residence by Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies following a crime spree that ended in a three-hour standoff.

Authorities said that Wayo's day started with crimes in Manatee County. Then he traveled down Long Boat Key and committed more crimes in the Sarasota City area.

"He also stole another vehicle and traveled South down here into the Venice area," Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight explained. "He became engaged in a confrontation with a citizen, there was at that time gunshots fired."

Wayo was found hiding in the closet of a home where at least two people were injured.

"One victim was shot in the hand; another man was pistol whipped who came to the aid of his neighbor," Sarasota County Sheriff Office Spokeswoman Wendy Rose told Fox 13. "That’s where we believe the suspect was injured as well."

Although Wayo was shot in the arm, apparently by a neighbor, he stole another car and was chased by law enforcement.

The alleged criminal then crashed the third vehicle and took refuge inside a Venice home, where he was eventually nabbed wearing no pants.

Authorities said that Wayo had been arrested 14 times since 1993 for crimes including burglary, aggravated assault and dealing in stolen property.

Watch this video from Fox News, broadcast Feb. 13, 2012.