KANSAS CITY, Mo (Reuters) - Missouri authorities have arrested a man wanted in the United Kingdom over a 1993 heist from an armored vehicle that netted the equivalent of $1.6 million, and were holding him on a weapons charge.

Edward John Maher, wanted for stealing "a large amount of cash" while working as a security guard, admitted to the FBI that he came to the United States in 1998 to work, the FBI said in an affidavit.

British authorities were seeking approval to have Maher extradited, according to a posting on Friday on the website of the Suffolk Constabulary.

British police had been looking for Maher, who had been living under his brother's name, for 19 years in connection with a heist of a million British pounds from an armored transport van in Felixstowe, England.

Maher's whereabouts came to light earlier this week when he went to a police station in Nixa, Missouri, to post bond for his son, the FBI said. While there, Maher filed a complaint accusing his son's wife of stealing a gun from him.

Police in Ozark, Missouri, where Maher lived, had received information that he was wanted in England, the FBI said. Maher was put under surveillance Tuesday and Wednesday.

Upon interviewing Maher's wife, investigators were told of his true identity and that he owned several guns. Maher was questioned at his home on Wednesday and taken into custody, without resistance to determine his immigration status, the FBI said.

Under further questioning, Maher, 56, admitted using his brother Michael's name because he was wanted for a crime in England, the FBI said. He acknowledged owning two pistols and two rifles and was charged with being an illegal immigrant in possession of firearms.

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