Republican opinion host Sean Hannity continued Monday night with his usual criticism of President Barack Obama, telling viewers that America would end if the president is elected to a second term.

The Fox News personality was joined by former Bush political adviser Karl Rove, who expressed his disapproval of Clint Eastwood's popular Chrysler Super Bowl commercial promoting Chrysler, saying there was no need for an auto bailout.

When liberal guest Tamara Holder tried to counter Hannity and conservative author Dinesh D'Souza's criticism of the auto bailout, Hannity shared his apocalyptic thoughts.

"Let's talking moving forward, let's talk about halftime in America," Holder said. "That's what this about.

"If Obama is re-elected, it's the end time in America as we know it," Hannity sneered.

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which was broadcast on February 6, 2012.