MSNBC host Rachel Maddow observed Friday evening how the Republican Party may have a growing schism in their views on social issues, especially in regards to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

Maddow discussed former Vice President Dick Cheney's pushing marriage equality to pass in Maryland and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoing his state's version.

"On domestic social issues, the Republicans are becoming split," she said. "Time has passed, the river has risen. And today, not all Republicans -- not even all really, really, really conservative Republicans, are on board with the whole 'God, guns, and gays' agenda."

"If you are a Republican in 2012, yeah, you can use gay rights as a cudgel to hit Democrats. But you have to know that when you do that, you are hitting Dick Cheney."

Maddow later interviewed GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger, the first openly gay candidate running for president, who agreed that his party was changing its tune.

"There wasn't even a split that many years ago," Karger said. "We're seeing Gerald Ford, who came out for gay marriage in 2001, at 88 years old, the first former president to do so. So within the Republican Party, we're starting to get some numbers, like Laura Bush, and Barbara Bush, their daughters and Cindy McCain. The list goes on, even Governor (Arnold) Schwarzenegger. We're hoping President Obama comes around to, he's evolving on the issue."

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which was broadcast on February 17, 2012.

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