In his latest "New Rule" segment Friday evening, Bill Maher discussed Republicans' continued criticism of parts of the nation not considered apart of "Red America."

"Just think of the list of these parts of America that Republicans are publicly bitching about," he said. "Chicago, that lawless hell hole where Obama knew where to thug. Hawaii, that state liberals made up so Obama could become president. Hollywood, and San Francisco, and fuck it, let's just say, all of California -- except Orange County and the shitty parts in the valley."

He added: "And when it comes to dividing America, it's Republicans who in recent years have carved out a nation of two distinct territories. There's the heartland and then the rest of the country. A vast nightmare vastland of college professors, museums, and people that recycle."

WATCH: Video from HBO, which was broadcast on February 10, 2012 (Highlighted clip starts at 5:32).