KANSAS CITY, Kan (Reuters) - Police detained the owner of a pickup truck parked near the Kansas state Capitol in Topeka on Wednesday after they found improvised explosive devices inside the vehicle.

Several improvised explosive devices were found in the truck, parked in the lot of the Kansas Judicial Center on Wednesday morning, said officer Patrick Saleh, a spokesman for the Capitol Police. A state employee alerted police to the vehicle, which lacked a required parking tag in the window, he said.

Capitol police officers found a holster without a gun in the vehicle and called in the bomb squad of the Topeka Police Department to look at other small items that turned out to be homemade devices, Saleh said. They were removed using robots, Saleh said.

The driver of the vehicle was apprehended in a tunnel that connects the Judicial Center to the Docking State Office Building, where he said he was to going to attend a meeting, Saleh said. He did not resist.

The Judicial Center is home to the Kansas Supreme Court and appellate court and is across the street from the Capitol.

The man is being held by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Saleh said. As of early Wednesday evening, he had not been charged with a crime or arrested, Saleh said. An ATF agent in Topeka did not immediately return a phone call.

(Editing by Greg McCune)

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