A man who wanted to prove that his body armor would really protect him put it to the ultimate test by firing a round point blank into his own stomach.

In video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, a man is seen wearing a bullet-proof vest with the word "security" on the back.

"We got a Glock Model 20 10mm," the man says as he approaches the camera inside his untidy double-wide trailer. "I got a Hornady 200 grain hollow-point round in here."

"I done psyched myself out on this already. So, I'm trying to get my nerves to do it," he admitted.

The video shows him backing up, putting the barrel of the pistol flat against his stomach and placing his thumb his on the trigger.

Seconds later, he grimaces and fires.

"Fuck!" the man exclaims as paces around his living room. "Oh, shit! Oh, I'd hate to be hit multiple times like that. That fucking hurt."

"I got American Body Armor, the best on level IIIA," he explained. "But the panel I got on here is made by Second Chance Level II. Go ahead and cut that shit off."

Gizmodo noted that the video was "further proof that handguns should be illegal or that the human race doesn't deserve to exist."

"Surely this daring experiment should have ended not with extreme pain, but with our bearded hero deflecting the projectile, ramming his head into a keg to celebrate, and then happily passing out in a pool of fluids, stench and sawdust."

Watch this video from YouTube, uploaded Feb. 23, 2012.

(H/T: Geekologie)