Fox News host Bill O'Reilly declared Monday evening that hatred for pro-life advocates is stronger in America than for gay people.

In a discussion about social issues, regular O'Reilly guest Bernie Goldberg condemned "the bigotry on the right" for attacking Ellen DeGeneres' and the LGBT community.

"Reasonable people may disagree on gay marriage, that's fine," Goldberg said. "But to call on someone's dismissal to be fired, to lose her job, because she's gay, is bigotry. And I don't care how many people listening to us right now don't like that, it's bigotry."

But O'Reilly felt later on that another group received far more animosity throughout the nation.

"The bigotry against pro-life people is I think way more than the bigotry against gay people," he said. "Particularly in the media because the media supports gay people in this country."

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which was broadcast on February 6, 2012.