Conservatives are mad that Democrats picked a fight about contraception---apparently the rules they wrote said Democrats don't get to pick a fight---and now they're forced, forced I tell you, to go full wingnut and denounce all women having ready access to the contraception they need. Well, it's a real shame they're forced to come out so hard against contraception access, because you know, just giving up and letting women have this would at least get the comedians off your back.

Becoming the national laughingstock: Always known to be a winning strategy. Keep it up, Republicans! Eventually, every comedian and comic actor in the country will have a bit about your complete inability to understand that no, most of us don't actually think we're befouling ourselves with sexual intercourse.

If you're eager to say, "Nuh-uh, not every comedian! I bet Dennis Miller doesn't do a joke about this!", it might be time to consider how it is that conservative "comedy" is so easy to forget.