On Sunday on Twitter, I placed my bet on Wednesday for the question, "When will a Republican tell women just to keep their legs shut on national television?" I should have given them more credit, since it took one more day than I thought. To my surprise, it happened on MSNBC. My money would have totally been on Fox, but I'm glad it was MSNBC because it really stuck out.

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I love a conservative complaining that the country is obsessed with sex. Actually, no. Conservatives are obsessed with sex, especially the controlling and punishing of it. It's not "the country" that is passing laws that constitute state-sanctioned rape-with-an-object as punishment for women who want abortions; it's conservatives. It's not "the country" that believes that if a woman works for an employer, he owns her vagina and can functionally dock her pay as punishment for fucking by refusing to offer her full insurance coverage offered to everyone else; it's conservatives. It's not "the country" that is so angry that some women out there might be having unsanctioned orgasmic fun that they have to set aside questions of economy and environment to punish those women; it's conservatives. It's not "the country" that is telling women to shut their legs as the only acceptable form of birth control; it's conservatives.

This comment from Foster Friesse was telling, I think. A remarkable amount of this nonsense is driven by people who didn't get a chance to engage in the fun sexy playtimes they think everyone else is getting. Lots of older men who lived in an era where women were more likely to be reluctant to have sex for fear of getting pregnant or ruining their reputation, and now they look at the younger generations who aren't so encumbered and they are kicking and screaming and saying, "Not fair! If I didn't get any, neither should they!" If only they had that attitude towards people sitting on massive fortunes, since unlike some people getting laid more than others, income inequalities have genuinely bad effects on the country. 

Which isn't to say that jealousy is the only thing fueling this. There's also sadism and misogyny. Not that I think jealousy is really any better; if you feel it was unfair to grow up in a sexually repressed environment, the answer to that is to work towards a world so others didn't suffer like you did, not to drag them down with you.