As usual when women complain about sexual harassment and sexist wankery, there's a lot of bullshit excuse-making. Todays theme is, "It's only scary, uncomfortable and offensive to women to say sexist shit to them because women choose to feel bad!" It's the sexism apologist's version of "The Secret". Lots of it on this thread, with examples like:

The “C” word is another example of investing a word with much more power than any word deserves.  It has now become the taboo word for women (feminist or not), like the “N” word or the “F” word.  Only members of the group to which the words describe can use them. I don’t miss them but giving words such power to hurt gives too much power to people who would hurt you.

And the more illiterate and egregious:

But what I’m saying is that simply calling a woman you hate a ‘cunt’ is not necessarily sexist. It should really only be like calling a man a ‘bastard’ or a ‘twat’. But because our society (and sometimes feminism) infantilizes women it’s seen as worse.

And you see it all over this situation. TL;DR: A teenage girl who is an atheist activist posted a picture of herself with an open-mouthed "gleeful" face on Facebook. A bunch of men whose brains are addled from spending way too much time looking at porn saw an open female mouth on the internet, and confused about why there wasn't a cock in it already suggested to this 16-year-old that she would be doing everyone a favor contributing her image to a catalog of erotic images. When told, rightfully, that they are creepy motherfuckers, they whined and complained that people who believe that one should remember that women are more than sperm-draining machines are, to steal a phrase from Sady Doyle, trying to snatch away their boners. 

All of which is why I'm not going to bother to argue any of this crap down, but instead to post this video, the premiere episode of "Fridays at Galweather", a new web series about management consultants on the one day a week they spend at the office. Maybe coming from a bunch of male comedians, the point will go down easier than having to listen to some stupid bitches with their constant yakking about how unfair sexism is. 

It's 4 minutes and well worth your time.