Update: Well, it seems that the compromise is actually, for once, a real compromise. So I got all bent out of shape for nothing. The White House is saying that women who work at religiously affiliated employers will get coverage, but by the insurance companies directly, instead of through their employers. So far, no rub. If it's as clean a win as it looks, then this is very good news indeed.

I need a Panda Party more than usual today. While I haven't seen the details yet, the claim is that the Obama administration "compromised" on the birth control mandate. Which probably means the bishops got everything they wanted, since they said they would accept no compromise. The admininstration are idiots. If they had waited until Monday, something new and shiny would have come up, and this wouldn't matter.

The good news is this: By choosing to fight over this, the right has exposed their anti-contraception agenda. To win this battle, they may well have planted the seeds to lose the war. Pretending to care about "life" was always a key component to the war on female sexuality. But by doing this, conservatives insured that the abortion rate will be higher than it otherwise would be. Given the choice between reducing the abortion rate and fining women for fucking, they chose the latter. They need their noses rubbed in that fact every single time they pretend to care about fetuses to attack women. 

For now a fight song. And join us for Panda Party.