In the annals of justifying Virginia's rape-through-ultrasound, many remarkably stupid things have been said; chief among them is, "Hey, let's force women to be vaginally penetrated in order to show them that they're pregnant...even though they already know."

A strong second, however, is that women deserve to be penetrated because they were penetrated before. This follows a longstanding American tradition of extrapolating indefinite consent from any previous voluntary touching. It is, of course, no longer assault to repeatedly stab a person with a needle once they have a tattoo, or to throw rocks at someone once they receive a hot stone massage. 

Dana Loesch ("She Who Would Urinate On Corpses") has been a wholehearted advocate of this position since the uproar happened, but she goes one step further through the use of statistics: you deserve to have a giant probe shoved inside you even if you've already had a child and therefore know exactly what happens when you get pregnant.

Furthermore, the greatest number of abortions are obtained by women who already have a child/children, so they know how anatomy and physiology works. A lack of planning on the woman’s part doesn’t constitute a mandate for legalized (and in the case of Planned Parenthood, publicly-funded) murder.

If you "know how anatomy and physiology work", then the entire pretense for the ultrasound is meaningless.  As in Texas, the theoretical point is to show you the heartbeat of the fetus, guilting you out of the abortion by requiring you to contemplate that one day, that fetus will become a child. However, if you already have a child, you know exactly how pregnancy works, how a child develops, what it's like to birth and raise a child.

If that's the case for the majority of women, as Loesch states, then the only cognizable purpose for the ultrasound requirement is to shove something inside a woman against her will because she had sex once. A thanks to her, at least, for making the case as simply and elegantly as possible.