Inspired by music superstar Jay-Z's song "Glory" for his new born daughter, hip-hop radio host Jay Smooth thought it was time to dedicate a few lines to GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Smooth’s parody "Phony" purports to represent how dissatisfied Republican voters feel, put into a rap song about Romney's ride to the GOP nomination.

"Can't explain how uninspired I feel/Looking at this primary field/Mitt Romney, I freaking hate you/I can't believe the nomination is you," Smooth raps.

He continues: "You're phony it's never been disputable/ You look phony in every interview you do/ You look phony at weddings and at funerals/

You even look phony singing 'America the Beautiful.'"

WATCH: Video from Jay Smooth, which was published on February 6, 2012.