Shep Smith got a text message yesterday from his wireless provider, AT&T, informing him that because the WiFi at his house is broken, he'd become one of their top 5 percent of data users and would thus be getting slower wireless service. He was not pleased. "I'm not doing anything different than I ever have, but now they're going to charge me more for the same thing I've always been doing. Thanks. Because, you know what, your system is awesome. It really works great," he said sarcastically.

"I'm going to pay more for this crap? Because it's crap!" he added.

Smith said, "When I signed up for this plan... and I bought this phone, they told me I could do this. And now that I've signed up, and I've bought this and I've done everything the way they tell me to do it, now I gotta pay more. They changed the rules." He added, "It's like giving you crack. It's all-you-can-eat crack, until you like a lot of crack, and then you've got to pay more.

Since AT&T and Verizon switched from unlimited data to a tiered system, users whose contracts were grandfathered in under the unlimited system have discovered that while they still technically have unlimited data access, the companies have slowed that access to encourage them to use less data or switch plans.

Watch the video, which first aired on Fox News on February 13, 2012, below: