Mary Kantorowski hasn't seen her son in eight months so she was surprised to get an eviction notice from him on her 98th birthday.

Peter Kantorowski told the Connecticut Post that he was evicting his mother for her own good.

"She would be better off living with people her own age," he explained.

Attorney Richard Bortolot Jr., who was appointed by a probate judge to represent Ms. Kantorowski, said that her son had already attempted to put the house, which has been assessed at $333,410, up for sale. The court ruled not only was Ms. Kantorowski competent to manage her own affairs, Peter Kantorowski had wrongly taken power of attorney and used her money for his expenses.

"This is just a despicable situation," Bortolot said. "Mary has been living here happily paying all the expenses for the house and now her son, Peter, comes along and is telling her, `Get the hell out,' so he can sell it."

Ms. Kantorowski's late husband, John, worked two jobs to pay for the house, where they had lived since 1953.

Jack Kantorowski, who lives next door and checks on his mother daily, told WTNH that he was outraged at his older brother's behavior.

"I just don't understand him at all, what's happening with him, there are no other words to call him, he's just a scumbag," he quipped.

A Superior Court trial is scheduled for March 2 to determine if the eviction can go forward.

Watch this video from WTNH, broadcast Feb. 16, 2012.