Students at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts have organized a rally for a young woman who was attacked for writing an opinion piece in support of marriage equality for same sex couples, according to the Boston Herald.

"There was never an ounce of equality or respect in mind when the right was taken away in the first place," Destinie Mogg-Barkalow, an assistant editor at The Comment, wrote in regards to Proposition 8, California’s recently-overturned 2008 ban on same sex marriage. "In fact, the support of the law was supposedly said to be for educational purposes. It was never specified what education. In other words, this was a load of religious bigotry."

While Mogg-Barkalow was walking across the campus Thursday night, she said she was approached by a tall male and a red-headed female. The two asked her if she was the author of the article. When Mogg-Barkalow replied that she was, the woman punched her in the face.

The sweatshirt Mogg-Barkalow was wearing identified her as a member of BSU's The Comment.

"I'm devastated. In 20 years as a journalist I've been sued and threatened, but no one has ever gone as far as physically attacking me like that," said Dave Copeland, the Comment's faculty adviser. "It sickens me that something like this would happen on a college campus, where students are supposed to be able to express their opinions, values and ideas freely."

In response to the incident, BSU student and "Occupy Boston" protester Kayla Lynn created a Facebook event inviting others to join a rally against hate on Tuesday.

“I was really surprised and touched this rally got organized so quickly. I really think everyone is shocked and really, really supportive,” said Mary Polleys, editor of The Comment.

Police are investigating the incident but have no leads.

Photo credit: Flickr user sylvar