A 22-year old wheelchair-bound man was arrested in Florida for allegedly robbing a convenience store with a knife, according to CBS Miami.

The convenience store clerk said John Christopher Champion maneuvered his motorized wheelchair behind the counter, pulled out a pocket knife and demanded cash from the register.

The 54-year-old clerk tried to fight back against Champion, but he overpowered her. During the scuffle, Champion was stabbed in the leg three times.

He then left the store with a 12-pack of beer and a roll of electrical tape, which were valued at $20. When police arrived, they found Champion stuck in sand behind the store drinking a beer and "very intoxicated," the incident report said.

Champion allegedly said he told the clerk to "push the panic button because the police would not arrest a handicapped person."

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras. Champion faces charges of armed robbery and aggravated battery.