On his return from his week-long break, Stephen Colbert couldn't wait to address Mitt Romney being compared to an Etch A Sketch Monday evening, agreeing that both are "square and colorless."

"Now see, people think that's a metaphor for Romney being inconsistent but the Etch A Sketch is very consistent," the Comedy Central host said. "You can shake it all you want, and all you're ever going to be able to draw is stairs."

Seeing the comparison produce a dramatic increase in sales of the Etch A Sketch, Colbert advocated for Romney to be compared to other classic toys.

"Mitt Romney is like silly putty on a newspaper," he said. "You press him onto your political beliefs and he becomes an exact copy."

"Plus, Mitt is like Lincoln Logs, both stiff and wooden. And Mitt Romney is like a Lego man: He's only got one facial expression and his hair snaps on."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on March 26, 2012.