Stephen Colbert shared his wide of array of cooking options in celebration of Super Tuesday, including his famous Republican salsa consisting of "mostly mayonnaise with a dash of Miracle Whip."

"Folks, this is it, it is Super Tuesday," he said. "It is like the Super Bowl of politics, if it was like one team slowly destroying itself. And just like the Super Bowl, I have painted my face with the team colors, white."

The Comedy Central host represented each state holding a Super Tuesday contest with a food.

“With one layer for each state with a primary today," he said. "We’ve got potatoes for Idaho, ham for Virginia, some Vermont cheddar, for Alaska, some venison, and for Ohio, a layer of rust.”

Colbert also described his specific drink for a good night for Mitt Romney and his unusal replacement for his missing blender.

"I’ve got a keg of beer, and in case Romney wins, I’ve got a keg of caffeine-free Diet Coke," he said. "And oh — I’m mixing up margaritas! I couldn’t find my blender, so I’m using this transvaginal ultrasound wand! Mmmmmm! You know, usually at parties, this doesn’t come out until after the margaritas! Salty!”

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on March 6, 2012.