An odd thing happened this year on St. Patrick's Day in Minnesota.

A group of firemen from the small town of Sedan were participating in an Irish-themed parade and fundraiser, wearing fabulously colorful gowns purchased from J.C. Penny, when a sudden emergency call came in.

Not thinking much of their attire, the first responders raced to the scene, discovering a vehicle alongside a highway that had caught fire.

Then, in front of a slowly gathering crowd of camera-wielding motorists, the frilly firemen faithfully fought both the blaze and the hazards of strapless evening wear, all at the same time.

The fire department's chief later remarked that he now calls them, "My girls."

It was enough for CNN reporter Jeanne Moos to conclude her Wednesday segment by exclaiming: "That's hot!"

This video was broadcast by CNN on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.