The funeral director who handled the body of Trayvon Martin in preparation for his burial has said that the young man showed no signs of the physical struggle alleged by George Zimmerman, who claims he shot the teenager in self defense. In an interview with CBS News, Florida funeral director Richard Kurtz said that Martin showed none of the signs normally associated with a fight.

"In dressing the body," he said, "we could see no physical signs that there had been a scuffle or there had been a fight. You know, on the hands, I didn't see any knuckles bruised, and that is something we would have covered up if it had been there."

While Kurtz is careful to point out that he is not a medical examiner, Trayvon Martin's body, he said, "looked perfectly normal to me," except for the gunshot wound that ended his life.

The funeral director's claims would appear to back up video evidence that came to light on Thursday of Zimmerman appearing unscathed less than an hour after Martin's death, in spite of his claim that Martin broke his nose and bashed his head into a concrete sidewalk.

Watch the video, embedded via CBS News, below: