TBILISI — The authorities in Georgia are hoping to intoxicate tourists with their country's charms by building a fountain which pumps out strong alcoholic liquor instead of water once a week.

The fountain being built on top of a new tower in the Black Sea resort of Batumi will pump out Georgian 'chacha', a fiery spirit distilled from grapes which is similar to Italian grappa, the city's mayor said on Wednesday.

"Once a week, for 10 to 15 minutes, chacha will flow from this fountain instead of water. Tourists will have an opportunity to taste the traditional drink," Mayor of Batumi Robert Chkhaidze told Georgian television.

Tourism is seen as a key source of future revenue in the impoverished ex-Soviet republic where grape-growing is a major agricultural industry.

The Moorish-style 25-metre-high (82-foot-high) tower is due to be completed by the end of summer and will also contain offices for businesses and a tourist information centre, local television reported.

The Georgian government has been redeveloping tourist destinations like Batumi in an attempt to bring more visitors to the picturesque Caucasus state that can offer a spectacular mountain landscape as well as Black Sea beaches.