On his show Tuesday night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart assured Iran that Republican candidates who appeared to be warmongering were actually just appealing to voters in Florida.

"Are you familiar with Florida," he asked Iran. "It's a region in the south United States that we have filled with old Jews and young Christians, and whoever wins it wins the presidency. In Florida, they would like to bomb you if they could."

"So the talk of war is not actually meant for you, it's meant for Florida," Stewart continued. "It's an election season. Our rhetoric gets somewhat distorted, hyperbolic."

He also assured Israel that the United States was still their wing-man, "and I don't mean wing-man in a military fighter jet way, I mean it in like a vaguely homoerotic bro-mance Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson wedding crashers" way.

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: