Daily Show host Jon Stewart made fun of Sean Hannity on Thursday night for hyping a video that showed President Barack Obama introducing Harvard law professor Derrick Bell.

In the video from 1990, Obama is seen encouraging students to “open up your hearts and minds to the words of Professor Bell” and then hugging the Harvard law professor.

"Oh. He hugged the professor. Is there something else I'm missing?" Stewart wondered.

"But who is Sean Hannity?" he asked. "Because as he has shown us in the Facebook era, you are who you like."

Stewart then played clips of Hannity describing Oliver North, who was involved in the Iran-Contra affair, as his "good friend." He said the same about Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy, convicted murderer Don King, and rockstar Ted Nugent.

“How radical is the crowd Hannity runs with?” asked Stewart. “The guy threatening to stick a gun in the president’s mouth is the one who hasn’t seen the inside of a jail cell yet. Sean, digging through twenty and thirty years of old archives to find evidence of how radical Obama will be as president is wasting valuable time you could be spending bedazzling American flag jean jackets.”

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: