The dominant media narrative going into Tuesday's Republican primary voting in Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and American Samoa was that Newt Gingrich must carry the south or leave the race. On Wednesday night's The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took a moment to survey the aftermath and to ponder what will now become of Gingrich, the south's spurned "enormous"-headed gentleman caller.

The problem with Newt, of course, is that he will never say "die," and in his non-concession speech, he played fairly fast and loose with the numbers. According to Newt, if you add up his and Santorum's numbers, they handily beat Mitt Romney.

By that logic, said Stewart, "You know, between me and LeBron James last night, we scored 36 points!" Fortunately, neither basketball nor primary elections work quite that way.

Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below: