A member of the Ku Klux Klan was arrested in Mount Victory, Ohio over the weekend after he allegedly pulled a gun and threatened to shoot a black man during a march.

Kevin Allan Gibbs, 22, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor, according to the Hardin County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities said that a group of about 10 Klan members assembled and began marching down Main Street in Mount Victory on Saturday when they were confronted by an African-American man.

"I was cooking supper, and that’s when I saw them over on the other side of the street," Wayne Miller, who lives in the area, told WBNS. “The guy in the white robe was reading off a book, or pamphlets very loudly as he was walking by.”

Miller recalled that Gibbs pulled out a gun and pointed it at the ground after the black man "got in their face and yelled at them."

"When he pulled out his gun, he said, ‘I’ll kill you,’ and the girl with him said, ‘He’ll shoot you dead,’ and then he said the ‘n’ word," Miller explained.

"I started to move in his direction and was going to use my cane to hit the gun or his arm, whatever I had to do," he added.

Gibbs eventually put away the gun and the Klan members moved down the street to a Gulf gas station, where they were met by deputies.

"By all accounts this was a semi-organized attempt by the Klan," Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart told the Hamilton Journal-News. “There were five to seven of them walking around and some of our residents took offense to them and confronted them.”

Everhart said that Gibbs had been legally carrying the weapon, but the sheriff's office was continuing to investigate.

Watch this video from 10TV, broadcast March 26, 2012.

(H/T: Reuters)