Authorities in Long Beach, California said Friday that a home was set ablaze by an unknown arsonist hours after a Thursday narcotics raid that uncovered a cache of hallucinogenic mushrooms and growing equipment, 22 marijuana plants, peyote and a number of exotic animals.

Investigators believe the fire was set through use of an accelerant some time after the raid, and police have not identified a suspect. All the animals and relevant evidence were removed from the building before it was attacked, police said.

Police claimed they spotted marijuana through a back window of the home while pursuing a gang member through the neighborhood, then obtained a warrant for the raid.

The animals included four boa constrictors, three tarantulas and a scorpion, all of which were "crawling all over the house," according to NBC Los Angeles.

The station reported that the large quantity of drugs were for personal use, but all three residents of the home (decidedly NOT as pictured) have been charged with intent to distribute and other drug-related crimes. Their names have not been released.

(H/T: LA Weekly)

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