Animals are "plagued by a lack of funding for and understanding of" proper care at The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia, according to the AP. Doctors found more than 20 pounds of plastic in a giraffe's stomach after he died, indicating the zoo is under extreme mismanagement.

The zoo's rare white tiger is "emaciated" and has trouble walking because she's kept in a cage that's too small for her. Additionally, the zoo's pelicans are packed so tightly, the report said, that they are barely able to unfurl their wings.

The zoo has even cited incidents of staff stealing animals to sell on the black market. Three rare komodo dragons disappeared last year.

Sun bears beg the visitors for food, but animals sometimes just eat whatever might be lying around, the AP said, which may be how animals are getting plastic in their stomach. Activists are pushing for a ban on plastic at the zoo.

Authorities are considering privatizing the zoo or simply selling or trading many of the animals away.

WATCH: Video from AP, from March 13, 2012.