A bizarre incident took place at Upper Darby High School outside of Philadelphia Friday afternoon, where a woman and her three children were arrested for stripping naked and chanting around the school.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the family previously came to the school twice in the day asking for a student to be released from class. After being rejected on both accounts, the mother and her grown children - ages 23, 22, and 14 - came back a third time and undressed themselves before shouting religious chants.

Police located the family undressed inside a van on their arrival.

"They're all naked in the van, all their clothing are in a parking spot in the lot of the high school," said police superintendent Michael Chitwood. "We still have not found out why they chose Upper Darby high school to do their praises to Jesus and run around naked in the parking lot."

WATCH: Video from NBC Philadelphia, from March 16, 2012.

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