An enraged Lawrence O'Donnell decided to ask an empty chair questions Monday evening after the lawyer for George Zimmerman pulled out of a scheduled interview moments before the show's airing.

The MSNBC host produced a stinging indictment of Craig Sonner, the attorney representing Zimmerman in the wake of his client shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. O'Donnell claimed Sonner was "afraid" that he "wasn't going to get an easy interview" filled with "softball questions."

"Craig Sonner has been the first guest on the history of this show to get scared," O'Donnell said. "To be terrified, so terrified of coming on this show that he has literally run away, he's in our car right now, taking him home from our studio. Afraid to face the questions that he would face on this show."

O'Donnell warned those who interview Sonner in the future that the lawyer has switched his story in regard to talking with Zimmerman about the night of the shooting.

"Watchout for wherever Craig Sonner shows up next on television," O'Donnell warned. "Because whenever he shows up next on television has an obligation to put him through serious questioning about what he's doing and what he knows. And the contradictions in the things he's already said on television."

"This is a lawyer who has said on television, 'I haven't even ask my client what happened.' Then, on television, he has said 'This is what happened.' This lawyer is getting away with the craziest stuff any lawyer has ever attempted to get away with in this time of situation on television. And he knew, he knew, that would not happen here."

O’Donnell then vowed that Sonner would never be on his show again. He finished his rant directing the questions he was planning to ask Sonner to an empty chair.

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which was broadcast on March 26, 2012.

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