Prosecutors in Ohio are considering pressing assault charges against an Addyston police officer after he slammed a woman on the ground for not coming to a complete stop at an intersection.

Dashcam video obtained by WCPO shows Tiffany Becker slowing down -- but not stopping -- at the intersection of Dining and Main streets. Officer Jeremie Keene briefly followed the vehicle before pulling her over.

Becker can be heard denying that she ran the stop sign and using an expletive towards the officer before he asks her to get out of the car. Only seconds later, Keene throws the woman to the ground and handcuffs her, while her four-year-old daughter screams in the background.

The video seemed to contradict portions of a police report (PDF) filed by Keene later that day.

"The subject had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle, due to her failure to comply with lawful orders of law enforcement," he wrote. "Upon doing so the female pushed the arresting officer and was at that point taken to the ground in a manner to better control her for the safety of both her and I."

After reviewing the video, Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor Julie Wilson told WCPO that the charges against Becker had to be dropped.

"When you watch the video, there's no basis to proceed on those charges," Wilson explained. "She, quite frankly, doesn't have a chance to become disorderly or resist arrest."

Addyston Police Chief Thomas Vonluerte said that there were no previous complaints in Keene's personnel file.

Watch this video from WCPO, broadcast March 12, 2012.

(H/T: Twitchy)