I guess my first blogged impressions of SXSW Interactive will be most of them, since today's really the last day I'll be doing this part of the conference. Lots of great stuff at this conference; in a lot of ways, I feel it's the best yet. For instance, Elisa Kreisinger is debuting her first "Mad Men" remix, where Don loves Roger here:

My panel on pick-up artists vs. feminists went really well, and you can read some observations here. I also went and observed a class of pick-up artists, and it was really quite strange. I'll talk about it some on the next Opinionated.

Baratunde Thurston's keynote speech on the power of satire was inspiring and hilarious, and I hope they put the entire video online soon.

I've seen a lot of great panels, on topics ranging from women on the internet to internet drama, but I think my favorite so far has been one on the state of comic journalism, i.e. people telling real life, journaliistic stories through the medium of cartooning and comics. You can read about the panelists here. I walked away really feeling like this is a form that's already amazing and has a ton of potential to expand our ideas of journalism and reach audiences that aren't currently being reached. I had to sneak out for the last ten minutes because I had to make an interview (which you can read here), but it was a riveting panel. If you're interested in the form, Cartoon Movement is a great source for reading tons of editorial cartoons and cartoon journalism.