Marc and I have taken our love of "Mad Men" and television in general to the next level. We've created an online video series called "The Orange Couch", where we discuss the latest episode of our favorite watercooler shows, over clips of the episode in question.The debut video is about---what else?----the premiere of "Mad Men".

After all, the main appeal of critically acclaimed, low-rated TV is that it gives the smart set something to chatter about. That's why Marc and I love it, and we have great conversations about our favorite shows, something I suspect is a common experience out there. By boiling down our rehashing and analysis into a short video, we thought we'd celebrate this aspect of these shows, and give everyone a chance to further the conversation. So please enjoy and tell me what you think in comments!

The plan is to replace traditional "Mad Men" recapping with this video recap/analysis, so please, feel free to offer not just thoughts and comments on the video, but the usual discussion about the episode. I'm especially curious to hear what people think of the show's attempts to grapple with race, and what you think of the Megan/Don situation.