"Meow," a male orange-and-white tabby cat, weighed 40 pounds when he was dropped off by his 87-year-old owner at an animal shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 2-year-old cat weighs nearly four times the normal weight for an adult cat and his owner was no longer able to care for him.

The capacious kitty can't jump at all, has trouble getting into the litter box and can only walk a few steps at a time before he becomes too winded and has to lie back down. Shelter workers described him to the Washington Post as "very sweet," but too overweight to run or play like a normal cat.

Veterinarians worry that like many overweight and obese cats, Meow may have diabetes, although he does not currently show signs of the disease. He has been placed with a foster family and put on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and has already lost three pounds on his new regimen.

Meow is not the fattest cat in the world. Guiness have stopped accepting applications for its Book of World Records about fat animals to prevent people from deliberately overfeeding their pets, but the last recorded fattest cat was Himmy, an Australian cat who weighed in at a whopping 47 pounds.

Watch video, embedded via Insider TV, below: