An 80-year-old woman in Door County, California successfully landed a small plane after her husband collapsed and died Monday evening, according to WLUK-TV.

The woman called into Door County's Dispatch Center after 5 PM to report her traumatic situation onboard their twin engine Cessna airplane after her husband passed out.

"A couple in their 80s were flying and he went unconscious due to a medical condition he had," Door County Sheriff Terry Vogel said. "She took over the aircraft. She's not a licensed pilot and has very little (knowledge) on flying an aircraft."

An hour later, the woman told rescue crews she needed to land the plane immediately after her right engine lost power due to a lack of fuel. The authorities contacted a local pilot, who guided the woman into Door County Cherryland Airport in a rocky but successful landing.

"We got him up into an aircraft and he felt it was easier for him to give her instructions," Vogel said. "We're very proud of her for doing what she did. It was a very difficult situation with her husband unconscious next to her. It took a lot to collect her thoughts and get that thing landed."

The woman's husband was pronounced dead from a medical condition that caused his collapse. The sheriff's department is not releasing the names of the couple or the pilot.

WATCH: Video from April 3, 2012, which was broadcast on WLUK-TV.

Plane makes hard landing in Door County: