The wingers are having a collective breakdown over the President's comments this week, first on the gravity of the Supreme Court's ruling on health care reform on Monday, and second his remarks on the GOP's House budget on Tuesday.  His critics are in nothing short of complete apoplexy right now, barely able to type without collapsing into inchoate rage.

"Barack Obama, Constitutional Ignoramus" declares Power Line's Steven Hayward as he accuses the President of "extreme constitutional ignorance".  Commentary Magazine's John Steele Gordon says there's "simply no lie President Obama will not tell in pursuit of his agenda."  Allahpundit at Hot Air notes that in retaliation for "moronic" speech that a Fifth Circuit Reagan appointee went after a DOJ lawyer, demanding that she explain "her boss's" comments to him in written form before the court.

This is all over the President daring to say that the Supreme Court should practice the conservative tenet of judicial restraint.  For this, he is a liar, an ignoramus, and a moron.  Projection much, gentlemen?

Oh, and it gets worse.  Yesterday's remarks on the GOP budget were treated with similar outright hatred.  the President pointed out that the Ryan plan was cynical, and that it represented a failure on the part of the myth of trickle-down prosperity.  The words clearly hit home.  Yuval Levin at National Review sputtered that his speech "was basically just a long, dishonest way of saying the same astonishingly irresponsible thing."  Townhall's Guy Benson declared it "Obama's worst speech yet" and thundered that it was "what very well may have been the most dishonest, demagogic, and bitterly partisan speech of his presidency."  Allahpundit (again) remarked "Do we actually have to start a Godwin watch for this campaign?"

Just because these leading lights of the wingnutosphere say it, doesn't make it the truth.  But at this point any speech that President Obama makes from now on will be treated as if he took a steaming dump on the Constitution and then lit it on fire.  And it's only April.  The projection here of these guys is extraordinary, and yet any rational observer should have expected this the moment it looked like the GOP primary was in its endgame.  That's what has happened this week, and the response is clearly a harbinger of far more terrible things to come.

I keep having to believe that the goal here is to just treat everything the President does with such unremitting rancor that America simply walks away from the entire political process and leaves it to the fanatics.  It worked well enough in 2010.  We have our work cut out for us in 2012, which is one of the main reasons I'm here at ABLC.