A woman fell unconscious Saturday night at a Las Vegas restaurant that prides itself on serving unhealthy food, the second such incident to have occurred this year.

The woman had been eating, drinking alcohol and smoking at the Heart Attack Grill before falling onto the floor unconscious, according to Fox 5. Paramedics quickly arrived at the restaurant and wheeled her out on a stretcher.

It is unclear what caused the medical episode.

In February, a man had a heart attack while consuming a "Triple Bypass Burger."

The Heart Attack Grill touts its calorie-loaded menu. The Triple Bypass Burger has 1.5 pounds of beef and up to 15 slices of bacon. The Quadruple Bypass Burger has two pounds of beef and up to 20 slices of bacon. According to the menu, their French fries are cooked in “pure lard” and non-filtered cigarettes are available for purchase.

Meals can easily reach over 8,000 calories and customers over 350 pounds eat free.

“This restaurant is bad for your health,” reads a large sign on the door, but that hasn’t deterred the diners.

Watch video, courtesy of Fox 5, below:

With prior reporting by David Edwards