No matter what the president does, conservatives are going to find fault with it. Remember "DijonGate?"  Early in the the president's term, he and Joe Biden went out for a cheeseburger, surrounded by a flock of eager media.  Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham made hay for about a week of President Obama's decision to order a cheeseburger with brown mustard instead of good ol' working class American French's yellow.

At the time, Hannity sneered, "I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger Mr. President."

It was something of a shot heard 'round the world in terms of faux-outrage and has set the tone for the right's reaction to every move the president makes from returning to his home state of Hawaii for vacation to Monday night's guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show, where President Obama "slow-jammed" the news, with the help of Fallon and his house band, the Roots.

Predictably, because the clip is funny and the president comes off as likable, human and funny, conservatives are up in arms about the appearance, saying it disrespects to office of the presidency, that Obama is pandering to the youth vote, and so forth and so on.

Thursday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert addressed the backlash.  He rolled a clip of the usual crowd of Fox News talking heads, who are completely up in arms about the apparently irreparable damage to the office of the presidency caused by the Fallon appearance.

Out of concern for the tattered nerves of his fellow conservatives, he created a new Twitter hashtag for them to use whenever the president makes them uncomfortable by being too likable: #NotFunny.

The clip is embedded below, via Comedy Central: