The California-based group FCKH8 released a video on Tuesday to let those opposed to LGBT rights know that "it doesn't get better."

"With all the 'It gets better' videos that have been made, we wanted to speak out about the forgotten victims," the brightly dressed narrators say. "People who hate gays."

"For you fucking homophobes, it doesn't get better."

The video notes that LGBT rights have been gaining ground, with a majority of Americans now supporting same sex marriage and the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

“It's going to get so gay,” a young man in the video whispers.

The group uses its energetic, profanity-laced videos to raise money for several LGBT organizations.

“We are supporting the work of various groups but they DID NOT create or endorse our F-word-filled sometimes offensive videos or site in any way & often have asked not to be listed,” FCKH8 stated on their website.

Watch the video, uploaded to YouTube on April 17, below: