As I sit trying to conjure an opening post, one worthy of the esteemed occasion of my inaugural post here at The Raw Story, I am drawing a blank.  I'm not one for pomp and circumstance, I suppose.

No sooner had I decided to buck the "introductory post" trend and just hit you with a "real" post straight out of the gate, that I realized I'm bringing along eleven people, some of whom you may not know.

So, without further ado, I am Angry Black Lady (ABL for brevity's sake), this is Angry Black Lady Chronicles (ABLC, if you like) and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to The People Who Are Not Angry Black Lady:

Allan is ABLC's Northern California correspondent, living in Folsom with his handsome and charming husband and Lobo, the killer chihuahua. After a career in human resources and purchasing, most recently with a Fortune 20 telecom behemoth, Allan was liberated via layoff to pursue his passions as a freelance writer and online marketing guru. Allan writes about politics, electoral strategy, LGBTQ issues, diversity, and whatever shiny object has just captivated his attention. Follow Allan on Twitter at @allanbrauer.

asiangrrlMN sez: Hey, bitchez! I like chocolate, snow, subzero degree temperatures, and Alan Rickman. I’m a freelance editor/copywriter by night, and political blogger, fiction writer, and general crazy lady by later night. I blog about race issues, wimminz issues, queer issues, and pretty much whatever else I want – LIKE A BOSS! In addition to blogging for my Angry Black Overlady here at, I write fiction at as well as contributing to the mayhem at Dead Shuffle. You can find me partying like it’s 1999 during #AfterDarkTwitters at @asiangrrlMN.

Bon the Geek is a humble nerd from Springfield, MO. She writes about a variety of topics on Zandar vs. The Stupid, and Angry Black Lady Chronicles, and has recently launched a fiction blog titled Dead Shuffle. She is also an amateur programmer, a novice violinist and a superior lover of kitties. You can learn more about her at, or you can follow her on Twitter: @bonthegeek.

Chris Savage/Eclectablog (not Electablog): I am a Michigan-based blogger from just outside of Ann Arbor. I blog at and also provide content at The People's ViewBlogging for Michigan (where I am a "front-pager"), A2Politico and Daily Kos (2010 Daily Kos "Diarist of the Year"). I am a vegetarian, bald by choice, and I am married to one of the finest photographers in the country, Anne C. Savage. You can follow me on Twitter at @Eclectablog and like me on Facebook.

Emily L. Hauser is a freelance writer who goes on and on about Israel/Palestine, but also writes a lot about women’s stuff (though she tends to think of it as “human stuff”) and LGBTQ stuff (even though she’s S) and a variety of other random stuff that she is fairly certain causes some readers of ABLC to scratch their collective head in confusion. No matter! She carries boldly on! She's been blogging since 2009, and can also be found at The Daily Beast, on the Open Zion blog, and at her own blog, In My Head. Follow her on Twitter at @emilylhauser.

emokidsloveme is generally displeased with humanity and believes writing is a wonderful way to expose the wrongs of the world. She also enjoys trips to Tea Parties and Newt Gingrich events throughout the South. You can follow her on Twitter at @emokidsloveme.

Extreme Liberal has been blogging since January of 2010 at Extreme Liberal's Blog and here at ABLC since July of 2011. He likes to take on "our pundits of perpetual disappointment" and anyone who is having trouble seeing the forest for the trees in our political world. He has never called himself a "progressive", because he has been a proud liberal since he was 10 years old, handing out pamphlets for Senator George McGovern in 1972. Extreme Liberal is also a documentary filmmaker and educator. You can follow him on Twitter: @ExtremeLiberal

Ian Boudreau is a science writer in North Carolina. He has covered crime and city government for a daily paper in New York and spent five years as a writer and photographer in the Army. For some reason, he has a graduate degree in political science, and in his off-time focuses on American politics. He lives in Raleigh with a disobedient cat named Thistle. He can also be found on Twitter: @iboudreau

Nicholas Wilbur is an award-winning podunk news reporter turned True Blue politics junkie and cynically progressive Hope™-monger. He writes sensational hit pieces on Teabaggers, the ever-embarrassing United States Congress and “our pundits of perpetual disappointment.” He can also be found on Twitter: @MuddyPolitics

Roadkillrefugee is a recovering blogger who now usually limits his pithy Obamabotian barbs to 140 via @rkref. He's also a lawyer who likes long moonlit walks on the beach with his parents, who are sparkly lesbian unicorns.

Zandar - Proprietor of Zandar vs. The Stupid along with Bonlet (aka: Bon the Geek). Not particularly Angry. Black. A guy. Blogs about economics, race, and Cincy-area politics. Likes pie. Probably hitting on asiangrrlMN. Is @ZandarVTS on the Tweeting device.

So there you have it. We are a ragtag group of bloggers, the majority of whom are not angry black ladies, but who, nonetheless are all Angry Black Ladies.  And we are each very pleased to make your acquaintance.