In a dazzling bit of live local news coverage Tuesday morning, a Los Angeles television station's helicopter zeroed in on a 400 pound black bear trotting through the suburb of La Crescenta, when suddenly a man emerged at the opposite side of an alleyway walking straight toward the beast with his head down and a phone in hand.

Several steps later, the man's stunned reaction when he looked up and saw the bear drew choked laughter from the news anchors at KTLA, and now the national media is jumping on the bandwagon.

The man later told KTLA that he had been awoken by the helicopter and was sending a text message to his employer to warn that he'd be late for work.

The bear, who's been spotted in La Crescenta streets before and even has a Twitter account dedicated to his namesake ("Glen Bearian"), was later captured by authorities who used three tranquilizer darts to bring him down. He's since been released into the Angeles National Forest.

This video is from KTLA, broadcast Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

This video is from CBS, broadcast Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

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