Attorneys representing media outlets are requesting the Stanford judge overseeing the Trayvon Martin case to unseal the court file, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

Media outlets filed an eight-page motion Monday morning, hoping for Seminole County judge Mark Herr to back away from an agreement with the lawyers of George Zimmerman, who want to keep the file sealed.

Herr agreed to keep the file sealed without signing an official order. Media outlets protest the decision, claiming it wasn't necessary to keep the file secret and that most of the case’s evidence has been revealed in public.

The New York Times, Miami Herald, The Tampa Bay Times, The Florida Times-Union, CNN and NBC are among the media outlets filing the motion.

The First Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit media advocacy group in Tallahassee, also was a part of preparing the motion.

Zimmerman was charged with second- degree murder last week for shooting Martin on February 26. He is currently under custody.