A Michigan woman, who was declared brain dead because of having two brain aneurysms, gave birth to twin boys recently in a report from WOOD-TV.

Christine Bolden, 26, received a sharp pain in her head in March during a day of work and immediately fell to the ground, according to her aunt Danielle. Bolden was rushed to the hospital, where she was later ruled brain dead.

The stress of being pregnant may have affected the aneurysms in Christine, Danielle added. Despite that, the twins were still alive inside their coma-induced mother. After weeks on life support, Christine's blood pressure was too high, resulting in the family having to save just the lives of the twins.

"God, he could have took her and the boys," said Danielle of the twins, named Nicholas and Alexander. "But he left the boys. That's a miracle."

Danielle said Nicholas weighed only one pound nine ounces, and Alexander weighed one pound five ounces. Spectrum Health Hospital said the twins are currently in the neonatal intensive care unit and that no one would be able to see the twins because they are currently fragile.

WATCH: Video from WOOD-TV, from April 20, 2012.

Mother's death brings new life: woodtv.com